Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Head over heals for Flip & Tumble

I am passionate about our environment and I try to tread very lightly on the planet because it is the only one that we are ever going to get. In my quest to be kind to the environment I wholeheartedly embraced the evolution of reusable shopping bags. And boy do I use them for just about EVERYTHING! But to be honest I am really not feeling the love for my supermarket green bags anymore, they are really looking tired, I need to move onto something more exciting, better looking....... sorry bags, it is me not you ...............

You can imagine my excitement about the very gorgeous, the very environmentally friendly and the very ace Flip and Tumble reusable bags that arrived in the mail for me today! I put them to very good use straight away, never has my grocery shopping looked so good! And then these bundles of gorgeousness had the good sense to scrunch down into virtually nothing making them easy to store (unlike those tired old green supermarket bags that take up so much room ...)

I had been particularly hanging out for their produce bags because I absolutely refuse to use those silly little plastic bags. I always believed that there was a much better alternative to bag my fruit and vegies, so when I clapped my eyes on Flip and Tumble's produce bags I knew I had found what I had been searching for!

So what could be even more exciting than receiving this gorgeous eco goodness in my letterbox today? The chance to announce that Flip & Tumble are sponsoring Sugar & Spice market. Together we will be handing out 100 FREE Flip & Tumble shopper bags at the market that will be filled with lots of goodies!! So make sure you get to the market nice and early so you do not miss out!Also do not bother to bring any bags with you to the market as you will be able to pick up a few gorgeous resuable bags from the very lovely Marls of Flip & Tumble at the market. If you can not wait until the market (and to be honest I am going to stuggle to wait that long for some more of these bags myself!) then head on over to their website and order away!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Stall allocations

Just a quick post to let you kow that the first round of allocations has occured. There are more to come so do not be too disappointed if you have not received an email just yet :)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Robin Street Market

Bringing you handmade and unique goodies from around our globe!

The very lovely
Sharon, who owns and runs Robin Street Market, loves three things (apart from her talented hubby and pets of course) travelling, buying unique, handmade lovelies and eating good food and it is these three passions that Sharon builds Robin Street Market upon.

In Sharon's words "Buying something unique that is a "one-off" has always appealed to me. And buying things when travelling is particularly enjoyable. It is lovely to look at something when you are back home and know that it was made by someone over the other side of the world. Imagine stumbling across a market in a beautiful square in a foreign country, meeting the interesting people who have made what they are selling, and munching on yummy local food at the same time. Heaven..."

Sharon recently embarked upon a world tour with her husband David to meet as many artists and crafters as possible and to source a whole collection of unique and handmade gifts to bring back to their nest to share. And what a lovely nest they have built themselves at Robin Street Market.

Mothers Day is completely sorted this year, just head on over to Robin Street Market and pick out something unique, there is plenty of gorgeous products to choose from. Start dropping hints to your family now ......

So which corner of the world would you like to visit today? Robin Street Market can take you there in an instant via their clever interactive map. International travel without jet lag ... fabulous! And just so you feel like you are actually at the market there is a profile of the makers on Robin Street Market. Do not forget to do some local shopping here in Australia, Sharon has been working very hard on finding some fabulous new makers right here on our shores!

So fly on over to Sharon's nest, I am sure that you will find a few treasures there to help feather your own! And you simply must meet Mr and Mrs Robin, they will jump with joy to meet you!


Thursday, April 1, 2010

Is your munchkin modern?

Today I am excited to introduce you to another of our gorgeous sponsors, Modern Little Munchkins!

This wonderful online shop has been created for those modern parents and their relatives who aren't necessarily hippies but are hip enough to be aware of the importance of using organic and eco-friendly products for their little people. Of course you also want them decked out in the coolest threads, but that just goes without saying ... thank goodness for Modern Little Munchkins! The children's clothing labels Moppit, Pram Rock and POLKA are just so hip and funky it hurts, the fact that they are eco-friendly are a massive bonus! But the funky products are not limited to clothes ... check out the awesome and edgey range of eco-friendly cleaning products (yes thats right cleaning products with a bit of sass!) and one of my absolutely, positively favourites is the Chalie and Lola story book that has the message of recycling and looking after our planet!

Louisa, the lovely owner of Modern Little Munchkins, is mumma to two little men (Harry and Charlie) and these gorgeous boys also happen to be the inspiration behind Modern Little Munchkins. Lousia only stock products that she would be happy to use on Harry and Charlie and she lets her imagination comes into play when it comes to the girls fashion! (P.S. Good job with the girls fashion Louisa!)

Modern Little Munchkins is based in NSW so unfortunately Lousia will not be bringing her fabulous products down for the market (sad face). However, she will be very generously donating her stall at the market to one of the businesses who have applied to retail ... more details to follow soon so make sure you have put in your application!!