Saturday, March 27, 2010

Isn't she sweet?

I just wanted to pop up a few photos of St Ambrose Hall, the lovely lovely venue where Sugar & Spice market will be held
Aren't those blue doors just divine? Now she is not the size of a Hawthorn town Hall but she sure is just as pretty. She is hot, so hot in fact that she has her own ducted central heating system so she will keep us all warm during our market in the Winter months. She has also surrounded herself with lots of handy car parks and is but a short stroll away from the new and very awesome adventure playground. I just lurve her!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Tea & Jam? Oh yes please

I will share a secret with you, one of my passions is photography and I am not half bad at it ... which also means that I am not half good either!! I have a rather nice little digital camera that takes fantastic pictures and I have quite a healthy competition with my brother-in-law who, like me, fancies himself a bit of an ace at taking photos! Stick a bit of nature in front of me, especially some foliage, and I will do said bit of nature justice in capturing its image .... but put some humans in front of my lens and I loose all of my photography mojo.

For this reason alone I am completely in awe of photographers who can capture beautiful images of people, particularly beautiful and busy little people. So I am sure that you will all join me in my love for Tea & Jam Photography who are in a class of their own when it comes to beautiful photos. Their images are bursting with vivid colour, a sense of fun and vitality.

Tea & Jam are a husband and wife team photographing babies, children and families in Melbourne, Ballarat and nearby districts. Below is a quote from their website:
"Being parents ourselves adds an emotional dimension to our work; we understand the highs, lows, tears, laughter and everything in between that make up the fabric of a family. It’s about being real and photographing people as they are, but also grasping the moments that are beautiful and enduring and perhaps a little rose-tinted."I am thrilled beyond belief that Tea & Jam Photography are the official photographers for Sugar & Spice. Kate & Nathan will be capturing images of the market throughout the day ... which means that I will be avoiding them like the plague!! They will also have a stall at the market so make sure you stop by and treat yourself and your family to a photography session with Tea & Jam. For all of the lovely businesses retailing at Sugar & Spice, high quality and gorgeous commercial photographs of your products are absolute must. Fortunately Tea & Jam also do commercial shoots and I am sure they would love to chat to you about how they can help. Take a peek at their blog to see some of their past commercial shots - just divine!

Centre of your universe baby!

We all know that when a new baby arrives it tends to feel like they are the centre of your universe! Luckily for mum's (and Dad's!!!) there is Baby Universe, a fantastic website filled with useful infomation. Baby Universe really has everything in the one location, fantastic product reviews, informative articles, scrummy recipes (I am loving the basic cupcake recipe at the moment) as well as an entire section dedicated to letting you know all about current bargins and sales! And if that is not enough for you Baby Universe also has a baby directory that will help you find whatever product or service your heart desires.

Baby Universe are also one of our lovely market sponsors ... Kate, who owns and runs Baby Universe, also has another lovely business Tom & Molly! Be sure to keep an eye out for Tom & Molly at Sugar & Spice !!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Kid's & Dad's corner

In honour of the newer, shinier and altogether prettier blog layout I thought I should reveal a feature of the market that I think mums are going to L.O.V.E!

Welcome to the concept of Kid's corner and Dad's corner!

There will be a kids corner where the kids can play and be entertained while mum shops (because there is nothing worse than trying to shop with bored kids). And there will be a Dad's corner right next door, where Dad can sit down with a coffee and keep half an eye on the kids whilst reading the newspaper. Even better, the "corners" will be in a seperate room off the main hall where all of our lovely stall holders will be.

Combine that with a lovely latte and what do you get? The perfect opportunity for you to shop without being hassled by a disinterested hubby and bored kids! Bliss