Sunday, February 26, 2012

Under the Sun

Why hello 2012... you crept up on us didn't you?! 
and can it really be true that it is nearly March? eeek!

We have enjoyed such a truly magical and sublime summer that it has been hard to draw ourselves away; growing and changing little people, long days on the beach, picnics, camping holidays, poolside parties, we didn't want it to end. But after our little extended break we're back and storming towards an exciting 2012, that will see some changes to the Sugar & Spice brand.... keep reading :)

This summer has bought home to us just truly how fast children grow! Can you blame us for not wanting to spend every mili-second of this Summer focusing on them and soaking in their little person beauty. The Sugar & Spice babies are growing before our eyes, and this Summer alone, more than we ever thought they could in just a couple of months...

Miss Sweet (Jackie's beauty) 
The girl with the personality as big as the sky turned 4 on Christmas Eve. She has been swimming with her cousins all summer and has finally gained the confidence to jump in, not just into the pool, but into anything the big kids can do! She is taking on new challenges, and leaping head first into kinder and showing an extraordinary amount of confidence that just blows me away. It's stressing me out that she seems to have gone from my cute baby to a big kinder girl in a matter of days! How did this happen?!

Baby Spice (Jackie's little man)
My littlest man, the dimpled cheek cutie, learnt to walk over the Summer. Not long after he was running, climbing, skateboarding (!) and even fielding in an Australia Day backyard cricket match! Where has my little 8 pound newborn gone!? (sob!) I have been behind the camera all summer trying not to miss a single moment, it just seems so fleeting!

Miss Sugar (Sherryn's baby girl)
My baby turned 3 during the summer break and continued to surprise us with her humour and imagination. She learnt how to throw award-winning tantrums, to wrap her Daddy even more around her little finger and to make us smile with her growing grasp of concepts and speech. She learnt how to draw people, complete with the longest legs you have ever seen! She had her first hair cut (oh those beautiful golden curls) and she spent day after day making 'rumballs' in the sand and jumping the shallows of sea.

Master Spice (Sherryn's big boy)
Oh big boy, how much you have changed and thrived since Christmas is mind boggling!? Farewelling your training wheels without ever looking back. Standing up and surfing your first waves and wanting to do it again and again. Starting your first day of Prep and loving it so much that you "want to go Saturdays and Sundays and the next 10,000 days". You are our carefree nudist, who loves any sporting/outdoor activity, yet is such a sponge and facts and figure man that you have integrated into the classroom with such ease. This was your Summer big boy!

Ah and in roll those beautiful, proud Mama tears... 

So back to the markets and bringing our Sugar & Spice handmade love to you. 2012 will see us focusing more on what is important to us and that is bringing you high quality, unique and divine stallholders, lots of publicity, awareness and profiling of our markets and retailers, busy days (we hope) and fun, family-friendly events. 

With this in mind Sugar & Spice will no longer be including Ballarat in our destination list (so sorry Ballarat friends). It has been a tricky decision but we will now keep our focus entirely on the Macedon Ranges and beautiful Woodend. We will hold two exclusive, high quality markets during 2012 (in July & November) with dates and details on how to apply to retail at them to be released very soon (very very soon). 

We appreciate your understanding and support with this new shift with Sugar & Spice and we look forward to working hard and bringing you two unique, handmade events for the year. See you soon!

Sherryn & Jackie x