Thursday, May 27, 2010

Say hello to LouandBoo

Introducing the very gorgeous LouandBoo, one of the lovely retailers you will have the pleasure of shopping with at the June Market.
We are two sisters on a mission, with the gracious help of Lou and Boo and their friends to bring back some spunk into the lives of your precious little ones! You've guessed it LouandBoo is all about the kiddy-winks! We specialize in handmade baby sleep sacks and original art prints for a lovely addition to any nursery.

You can get a sneak peak at beautiful LouandBoo products on their online store.

I can not wait to see to see Lou, Boo and thier friends at the market!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Our custom buntings

The very gorgeous Amy, creative whizz behind GiggleBerry Creations, whipped up some super sweet Sugar & Spice Market buntings last week. They arrived in the mail today and they are fabulous!
Now to figure out where the best place to hang these will be!!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sweet & Innoscent

In my household we take our skin care very, very seriously! That is quite a strange statement to make. I know. However, we need to pay extra attention to the products we use use on our skin as I suffer from psoriasis and Owen has eczema. The reality is that Tess will more than likely have quite sensitive skin too (we are a bundle of fun aren't we??!!)

I have many not so fond memories of my mother soaking me in various smelly potions, all in the aid of ridding me of my itchy, dry skin. Bless her, she was trying to do her best for me with the limited products available at the time but anyone who has experienced the pine based (yes as in pine trees) will know just how horrible children skin products were back in the early 80's. Oh and there was a phase where mum used an ointment on me that she had to buy from the vets ... as a teenager that is quite a traumatic experience!

Now having my own children with sensitive skin I have been very anxious not to subject them to the same smelly products that I was. Fortunately skin care products for children have advanced quite significantly in 30 years but I was still not thrilled with the choices until I discovered Little Innoscents.

Little Innoscents produce the most beautiful pure, organic and chemical free skin care products I have ever had the pleasure of using. And the best bit, they are all naturally scented using the finest organic essential oils so they smell fantastic .... so fantastic in fact, that the use of the products are not limited to the children! I love using the baby massage lotion as hand cream and I regularly pinch some of the hair and body wash for myself!

Owen's favourite product is the hair & body wash. Owen has always been very resistant to washing his hair as he hates getting shampoo in his eyes with a passion. Washing his hair became such a battle that it turned into a task I rarely attempted but not any more!! Now Owen quite cheerfully rubs the hair & body wash into his hair, and the beautiful essential oils that it contains has an awesome staying power. I love to use this body wash myself!

Tess's favourite at the moment is the bottom balm (well, yes, ok, technically that is my favourite for her). My baby has started teething recently and as a result the poor little popette has had some horrid nappy rash (even with using cloth nappies). Whenever Owen had nappy rash I always used a popular brand of paw paw cream because I believed I was using something natural on his skin. I have recently discovered however that this particular brand is petroleum based and they fail to mention this in their ingredient list!!! This time round I knew exactly where to source a gorgeous natural and organic bottom balm for my darling. Within a few hours of using the cream her little bottom looked much much better and the rash was gone within 24 hours. And of course it made her bottom smell oh so lovely too!

I am terribly excited that Little Innoscents is sponsoring the market so you will be able to smell these gorgeous products for yourself! Also they will be including some samples in the goody bags so get to the market nice and early to grab some samples!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Our local paper advert

Check out the simply gorgeous advert that the mind blowingly talented Sarah from Style Me Gorgeous whipped up for me today.

Many thanks also go to very lovely Dot and her trusty side kick Jenny from the Letter Bug for helping get the words oh so right, just like they always do!

I simply can not wait to see the flyers Sarah designs for the market ... and then get them out there so people know (and absolutely positively want to come) to the market.