Monday, June 21, 2010

Well & truely launched!

As I was frantically doing all of the last minute things Saturday night I paused for a moment and realised that organising the first market was very much like getting married. Months and months of preparation and planning for 4 hours of fun.....

.........but what a 4 hours that was!
  • The scrumptious cupcakes from Cupcake central sold out in 2 hours flat
  • The 100 goody bags were all gone in 45 minutes
  • Dad's corner was an absolute hit with the dads (& the mums hehehe)
  • The poor face painter did not stop for 4 hours, there was even a ticket system!!
  • David Cosma's music set the most wonderful vibe for the day
  • I did not count the number of people through the door & I will not even try to guess. Safe to say it was over 100!
  • I finally got to put a face to my lovely virtual friends, some of whom I have been chatting with for ages!
In amongst all of this chaos, I did not get a chance to take photos, tweet or sit down really. Luckily the amazing Nathan from Tea & Jam was given the task of taking photos and I can not wait to share them with you!

I did, however, manage to find the time to shop up a storm!!

This beautiful doll from MissRuby May is for my little girl Tess who turns 1 this Saturday ... but secretly she might end up being mine!!

This gorgeous little coin purse is from Robin Street Market and it was just perfect to carry my ever dwindling money yesterday

My sister announced at the begining of last week that she is pregnant with her first bubba and the timing on her behalf was magnificent because I was able to grab a few things for my new neice/nephew!! Above is some lovely burp cloths from Smallish and a beautiful body suit with an owl ... my sister loves owls!

Another gorgeous purchase for my little girl a skirt from Mira Narnie.

I also brought myself a wonderful flower from Bursaria but I can not find it at the moment ......

We also got a mention in the Sunday Herald Sun yesterday! I am yet to see it, I have managed to bring the paper in from the car but I have not gotten much further.

For those of you who asked (and there were lots that did) the next market in Woodend will be on the 12th of September. To be kept in the loop make sure you sign up to the mailing list - the sign up box is at the top right.

...... and I was right, it was very much like getting married!! A little stressful but loads of fun with lovely music, food and wonderful people. I also can not remember that much of it (but that is not due to alcohol consumption this time!!)

Monday, June 7, 2010

Have you made it over to madeit yet?

Love handmade - check

Love shopping online 'cos you can do it in your jarmies - check

Love Etsy- check

Hate paying for Aussie made goodies in American dollars - double check

Then you need to head on over to madeit. Lovers of handmade will rejoice at the abundance of gorgeous Australian made fashion, art, homewares, accessories, stationery, children and babies clothing and toys and much much more. Lots of our lovely retailers have a madeit store ......... Piper+Lily, Here We Go Loopy Lou, MoonMum and MooBee Tees spring to mind (I know there are many more but, forgive me, they are escaping me at the moment).

Shopping on madeit is a breeze and great way to support local designers & crafters, I have been shopping up a storm over there today. I am in desperate need of some fabulous new cushions to go with my fabulous new couch arriving the day after the market (!!) and I really wanted something different to the mass produced (and totally over priced) blandness I have been seeing in the shops recently. I love that I can purchase something unique and lovingly created with just a few clicks!

Sprinkled throughout this post is some goodies I am absolutely loving at the moment, I wish I could figure out where to hang some of these divine tissue paper Pom Poms at the market .........

If you are maker of lovely handmade goodies you should give some careful consideration opening up your own online madeit shop!