Sunday, February 7, 2010

Who knew ....

..... that finding the perfect venue for Sugar & Spice was going to be so time consuming? I certainly didn't! My problem is that I want the venue to be absolutely perfect, not pretty close to perfect. I have at least narrowed it down to two different buildings in Woodend but I am struggling to choose between the two as there are pros and cons for both. Here is a break down of both of them, I would love to hear peoples thoughts.

Option 1-Pro's
- It is located on the main road into town right next to the main shopping strip
- I will be able to annex onto the public liability insurance of the building thereby allowing me to donate more to local charities
- It is recognised as a market location within the town
- easy access for prams

- It is not the prettiest building either inside or out (that sounds shallow I know, but it is an important element)
- We are not able to use the main doors that face the main road, instead we would have to use the back door
- The internal layout is not going to work well with how I would like to set out the market (you would have to be able to see inside my head to understand completely)

Option 2 - Pros
- It is gorgeous building one street back from the main road
- The internal space will work really really well with how I would like to set out the market
- Easy access for prams
- It has central heating so it will be nice and warm in the winter market :)

- It is not on main road so there is an extra layer of complexity to find and not as "visible" for people just to walk up to
- It will cost more to run the market here due to public liability so less to donate to local charities

Just when I think I have finally made up my mind, I start thinking about them again. I am going around and around in my head but I am only making myself dizzy! So I thought I would appeal to you for some sensible advice.

The exciting news is that we have a couple of lovely sponsors for the market. I am itching to tell you all about them, but I am going to have to wait for a few more weeks yet!

Ali xx


Melinda @ Here We Go Loopy Lou said...

My theory is always go with your gut feeling.

It sounds like both do have their equal pros and cons.

It does sound like, with the exception of insurance, that the cons are easier to overcome in your 2nd option. If council allows (!), you could put plenty of temporary signage up to direct people, it is only 1 street back, that's nothing! Heat for a Woodend winter sounds nice!!

This is just a thought, but perhaps the 2nd venue not being recognised as a market location might attract more buzz?? Might not be seen as another market, rather something different to generate interest??

I am sure that whatever one you choose, it will look and work out fabulously!

Jen said...

I agree with the first comment, option 2 sounds like a more workable option. Heaters for winter would be a massive plus for your stall holders especially.

Good luck!!

Jen x

Natalie Barnes said...

I agree too that the second option sounds like it's more workable and much more tempting so that you can maintain your vision for the market. I'm sure it will be fantastic whichever you choose, but I'd be tempted by option 2 for the same reasons as mentioned. Good luck!


Smallish said...

Hi Ali, I think option 2 as well. I went as a shopper to the Mag Square in Brighton, which is not on a main st, but was signed really well. I also love the bit about heating in winter! Above all, who can go past a beautiful building.

Making it the market you want is the main thing, if it comes out how you dreamed it to be, the stall holders (money) and the customers will follow and as such your donations will rise.

Go with your gut :)