Sunday, March 21, 2010

Tea & Jam? Oh yes please

I will share a secret with you, one of my passions is photography and I am not half bad at it ... which also means that I am not half good either!! I have a rather nice little digital camera that takes fantastic pictures and I have quite a healthy competition with my brother-in-law who, like me, fancies himself a bit of an ace at taking photos! Stick a bit of nature in front of me, especially some foliage, and I will do said bit of nature justice in capturing its image .... but put some humans in front of my lens and I loose all of my photography mojo.

For this reason alone I am completely in awe of photographers who can capture beautiful images of people, particularly beautiful and busy little people. So I am sure that you will all join me in my love for Tea & Jam Photography who are in a class of their own when it comes to beautiful photos. Their images are bursting with vivid colour, a sense of fun and vitality.

Tea & Jam are a husband and wife team photographing babies, children and families in Melbourne, Ballarat and nearby districts. Below is a quote from their website:
"Being parents ourselves adds an emotional dimension to our work; we understand the highs, lows, tears, laughter and everything in between that make up the fabric of a family. It’s about being real and photographing people as they are, but also grasping the moments that are beautiful and enduring and perhaps a little rose-tinted."I am thrilled beyond belief that Tea & Jam Photography are the official photographers for Sugar & Spice. Kate & Nathan will be capturing images of the market throughout the day ... which means that I will be avoiding them like the plague!! They will also have a stall at the market so make sure you stop by and treat yourself and your family to a photography session with Tea & Jam. For all of the lovely businesses retailing at Sugar & Spice, high quality and gorgeous commercial photographs of your products are absolute must. Fortunately Tea & Jam also do commercial shoots and I am sure they would love to chat to you about how they can help. Take a peek at their blog to see some of their past commercial shots - just divine!


Penelope said...

Beautiful photograhy!

Natalie Barnes said...

Love that car shot! I'm like you, love photography but give me a little person moving and I struggle to capture the moment. They're talented on so many levels!

Sugar and Spice Childrens Market said...

They most certainly are talented! I am so excited that they are on board Sugar & Spice