Sunday, July 18, 2010

So back to Woodend ...

With all the chatter of Ballarat it would be easy to forget the Woodend market!

Applications for the September market opened last Sunday and there has simply been a flood of application, and may I say how many simply lovely businesses there are out there making gorgeous bits and pieces for the kidlets. The September market is going to be very lovely too!

I am also trying to be being super doper organised by starting to plan the Woodend Christmas Sugar & Spice and I would really like to have a bigger venue. Now do not get me wrong I really do love St Ambrose Hall, but a bigger space = more retailers = more variety with the added bonus of more space .... and a lot of you have told me that more space is really important. So, do you have any suggestions of a suitable location. I would preferably like to keep it in Woodend but I am open to any suggestions really!

Ali xx


m.e (Cathie) said...

My mother-inlaw lives in woodend so I could ask her for any suggestions.
would love to be a part of your christmas market Ali. sounds wonderful.
happy Sunday to you

Sunweeds said...

buffalo stadium, I know not so pretty looking but good facilities