Monday, November 8, 2010

Have you met .........

The very lovely Jane of Janey and Kipp?

With the help of Jenny from the Letterbug we are asking Jane the tough questions that you all want answered!!!

Are you more sugar or spice?

Sugar- what you see is what you get with me-I'm def not spicy!

How did you catch the market bug?

I think I was born with the' market bug' , as a kid I tried to sell lotions and potions I made from my herb garden on the side of the road- not one car stopped? I only have started doing markets though since some fantastic one have come to Ballarat.

What has been your best market purchase and where did you bag it?

My best ever market purchase would be some bamboo pj's for my little boy Kipp at Mathilda's market in melbourne.

What do you think is key to creating an enticing and gorgeous stall display?

I think an exciting display consists of a theme, height and depth and clearly marked prices.

On market day, what is the one thing you can not leave home without?

One thing I couldn't leave home without on market day would be food!

I am super excited that Jane will be retailing at the Ballarat Market on the 28th of this month, there are quite a few of her items that have made it onto my wish list. Take a peak at her gorgeous goodies in her etsy store and also on her blog. But I will leave you with my favourite, the divine bird houses she creates.

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