Monday, February 28, 2011

The show goes on!

Hello all,

Thank you for the concern you have all shown me the last few days. Please rest assured that my family and I are fine and dandy. The catalyst for finding S&S a new home was brought about because my husband is going to travel more and more with his job (and it is a job that he adores so I can't be selfish and tell him to find a new one!!). There are some simply lovely people interested in taking over S&S and they all have some pretty impressive qualifications too, it is gong to be a difficult decision for me to make! The future for S&S is very bright indeed.

I hope you are all looking forward to the Woodend market this Sunday, I know I most certainly am. Here is the list of retailers you will be able to shop at!

Milladdi Kids
Bunty and Sars
DEAR life
Shady Days
Impressionable Kids
Little Herriot
Mr Moo
Cool Kids Creations
Bridie - Jane

And not forgetting our lovely lovely photographer Kim Selby Photography

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