Thursday, April 7, 2011

Blow out the candles!

Sugar & Spice is turning one...
Our June 5, Woodend Market, marks one year of Sugar & Spice goodness.

A year since Ali's vision resulted in a bustling, much-talked about boutique market.

A year since the delicious cupcake stall was sold out within two hours.

A year since 100 goodie bags were snapped up by keen shoppers in the first 45 minutes.

A year since over 60 applicants applied to fill the 20 plus stalls on offer at St Ambrose Hall.

A year since Sugar & Spice Children's Market began!

On June 5 we plan to replicate all of this and more with a beautiful Sugar & Spice 1st Birthday Market in Woodend. We would love for you to join us for some celebrations and of course yummy cake!

Miss Sugar discovers the beauty of 1st birthday cake

We are currently looking for sponsors to be involved in this special event. Email me at for further info.


Kell said...

Lovely post! I adore this pic of Miss Sugar....x

May the next year of Sugar and Spice be filled with more success and exciting developments Sis xoxo

p.s - did I mention you are doing a fabulous job? xx

Oh Gorgeous Baby said...

Wow a year has gone so fast!! A year ago I was just days away from having my baby boy. I had a very full calender the day of the market as I had planned my baby shower but once I found out the market was on I just had to go! So I did both and planned the baby shower around around going to the market. Maybe I might bring Aston back to visit the market in June.