Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Behind the news

Do you find joy in what you do?

I most definitely do. After a lengthy career in PR , and a recent 2 year stint on maternity leave, it is so nice to return to using those dormant skills and to acknowledge that yes there is a ticking brain in there that can do wonderful things (aside from changing nappies, mopping the floor and teaching the alphabet). Although these other things bring me so much joy it is nice also to have something aside that is just for me.

My background is in Public Relations - and although this may raise visions of glamorous parties and air kissing, high-heeled women saying 'oh dah-ling that is fabulous'... there is also a more practical side to PR. I have push started a vintage motor car for a photo shoot, while in 3 inch heels and 6 months pregnant. I've wrangled kids and tried to keep them behaved during Today Show weather crosses.  I've been the photographer's flash holder on too many occasions - to ensure they get the best pic. I've written a million and one media releases and cold called nearly every media organisation within Victoria.

There have been great successes; wonderful exhibition launches, millions of dollars worth of free publicity generated for my workplace and great relationships established with journalists and photographers.

and then there have been the epic fails!! The launch of a new beaut lighting generator that chose not to work right when every major Melbourne newspaper and TV station were ready and waiting, not to mention the government ministers. Brand new million dollar Planetarium technology that decided to freeze 3 seconds before a live weather cross, and a girl so freaked out by the giant animatronic spider behind her that the photographer just couldn't possibly get a good shot. I can laugh about these now!

To me, seeing a story I generated in the media, brings such a sense of achievement and pride. I love when a journalist purely lifts my words from a media release and pastes it word for word in their article. I love being behind the news - and it is lovely that Sugar & Spice is allowing me to tap into that world again.

The 1st Birthday Market publicity train is chugging along nicely... Articles will appear in Kyneton's Midland Express, the Macedon Ranges Leader, and there will be upcoming listings in Nurture Magazine, Herald Sun and a few other surprises along the way. Stay tuned!


Helen said...

Well I guess as someone who benefits from wonderful markets like these we're glad you've taken it all onboard and feel pretty luck that you have! Thanks so much x

Ali said...

You are most definitely what the market needed to keep growing and getting better Sherryn xx

Nanny said...

Glad you are getting so much enjoyment out of it.xo

Nardia said...

So very exciting Sher - I can tell that you're relishing this opportunity get back into your playground again!!!

I'm excited to be coming down for your first market and sharing in this achievement with you!!!
n xx

PS. I too love when a journo uses my media release word for word - very validating isn't it!!!