Monday, May 30, 2011

With much regret

It is with much regret that I'm posting tonight to let you know that I'm taking Mornington off Sugar & Spice's destination list - which means I have cancelled both upcoming Mornington markets.

After a mix up with the original venue booking - it has come to light that the hall is not a hireable space. Sadly, the local council has a number of beautiful halls for hire but refuse to hire these out to businesses. Even after much pleading! The church halls that I investigated also had no availabilities for the year. So sadly, we have no hireable spaces available in the area which has led me to this decision. I am incredibly sorry and upset that this is the way it has turned out.

My extreme apologies to all Sugar & Spice friends and retailers who had booked/applied/shown interest in us coming to Mornington - it wasn't meant to be. We hope to see you at our markets in our two existing locations; Woodend and Ballarat.


Anonymous said...

You could also assume that the regular Wednesday market council may have had something to do with the "council" not wanting another market to run locally in Mornington.
Sad news.

Ali said...

You have done the best job that you could under very difficult circumstances not of your own making. The market is obviously meant to be at another fabulous location!!