Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bohemian Secret

With my foray into the Ballarat market world fast approaching, it is fitting that I get to make a wonderful announcement today that is all about new beginnings. 
A new, growing business from the heart of Ballarat is joining the Sugar & Spice family as our brand new official Ballarat Market photographer. Smile!

Bohemian Secret is a family run business, lead by Sonia Macak, that is a blend of love and art. With a focus on custom made childhood and family photography, they offer sessions in both traditional darkroom (film captured images) as well as digital photography.  A Bohemian Secret specialty is their timeless black and white photography.
Not only will they be capturing all of the handmade love at our July 31 Ballarat Market, they will also be sharing some of their favourite products from their Ballarat studio. 

Pop over and visit our beautiful new friends at Bohemian Secret.... if you're like me you will be there for awhile :)

1 comment:

Natalie {tiny & little} said...

Utterly stunning images! I love black and white photography and these are beautifully done. Your Ballarat market photos will be AMAZING.