Saturday, December 3, 2011

Swamps, Singing and Smiles

Who takes the photos in your family? I am the designated photo taker here, always behind the camera and rarely in the photos. I have lost count of the number of family photos we have of my hubby and our kids, and I have had a tiny worry in the back of my mind that my children will look back on all of our photos in years to come and worry about where I was for their childhood!

But my worry was erased recently by the lovely Kim from Kim Selby Photography. I can't begin to tell you how happy I was to have a photoshoot with her... perhaps I'll just let the photos speak for themselves.

Kim had us in hysterics jumping on beds, smiling while standing in swamps and singing on the side of the road. She was unbelievably patient with our IMpatient four and one year old monkeys, and so completely understanding when the kids needed a break or a change of scene... three hours just flew by, and we were left with too many breathtaking photos to choose from.

To anybody looking for an amazing photographer that will capture your family in such a beautiful way; who can simultaneously distract a four year old from an impending tantrum while chasing a one year old that's escaping out the front door, all the while making parents feel totally calm amoungst the chaos AND have the biggest smile about being knee deep in a swamp, Kim Selby is your girl. Kim, we feel so lucky to have had this experience with you and loved it so much we think we should book in once a month for updated wonderful photos!

You can contact Kim and see more more of her amazing work at or on Facebook, and you can also have a chat to her at our market at St Ambrose Hall in Woodend tomorrow!

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Natalie {tiny + little} said...

Beautiful pics! I adore the one of all of you jumping on the bed, so much joy and love in one photograph. LOVELY!