Wednesday, October 17, 2012

All Things Nice - Whale Spout

Christmas is coming and so is our big Christmas Woodend Market!! In all of the excitement of our last post we forgot to mention that we will also be adding a few outdoor stalls to our November 18 event... so the shopping is going to be even better :)

One lovely retailer that you will find set up inside St Ambrose Hall is Kate from Whale Spout. A gorgeous name, a gorgeous logo and some serious gorgeous products. Here's Kate to tell you some more about what you'll see from Whale Spout at Sugar & Spice....

Are you more sugar or spice?
Definitely more sugar – I love anything with some sweetness to it (and not just food!).

What inspired you to start your own business?
I have three small girls and my concerns regarding the sexualisation of children in society and the media led me to create designs for them – designs that allow and encourage kids to be kids, and not to dress them up as mini adults.

Whale Spout encourages kids to embrace the essence of childhood in designs that let them be little fish. My inspiration comes from my childhood and the way I was raised - playing outside, getting dirty, connecting with nature, stimulating the senses and being allowed to be a child.

How did you name your business?
My eldest daughter chose it - a ‘whale spout’ is that first hair style a little girl has when her hair is long enough to tie up on the top of her head. It also has influences of us living by the beach and my love of whales!

What is your favourite piece from your own range?
The Grace skirt in Paris is one of my earliest pieces and is still my favourite. I have a passion for all things French and every girl that puts this skirt on is guaranteed to do a twirl in it!

Where else can we check you out? 
 Kate and her beautiful fam - thanks for taking part Kate

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