Friday, July 2, 2010

A few gorgeous pics from the market

I just know it is going to be a great day when I receive an email from the lovely Kate of Tea & Jam Photography. Monday's email was no exception as the gorgeous photos they took of the market were sitting there patiently waiting for me.

So yes I have been a little slow to get these up, but I hope that you enjoy them!!

Many thanks to Kate and Nathan for these photos. You will be able to catch them again at the September market but if you can not wait that long Kate will happily book a session for you via email........ be quick though as appointments for this year are filling quickly!!

Did you take any photos of the market? If you did I would love it if you would share them on our facebook page.

Ali xx


Piper + Lily said...

Wow, It looks so busy! And, I can just see my head! haha!

Oh Gorgeous Baby said...

Loved attending your market and meeting you Ali and so many other gorgeous market stall holders. I am so glad I attended and planned my baby shower around the market as I had a lovely time with some of my guests at Woodend. I hope the next one is even more beautiful.