Friday, April 15, 2011

Boy: A noise with dirt on it

My Master Spice has a secret. A secret that if exposed would bring out his best angry face. Ahh how he is renowned for mastering the angry face! Arms crossed, head down, eyebrows dropped, a look of thunder, which is usually unleashed when he is embarrassed, tired, grumpy, the list goes on. My little rough and tumble boy, who adores dinosaurs, Ben 10, and all things footy, isn't quite as tough as the world perceives. Nearly every night without fail he sneaks down the hallway and crawls into our bed and curls his fingers around mine. Yes, my Master Spice sleeps while holding my hand. Little boys were definitely made to melt their Mama's hearts.
Angry face - who me?

I know it has been said before but it's the little men who often get forgotten about in the handmade world. There is definitely a niche in the market there and I am putting a call out to all of you crafty, creative and clever people to bring on the boys goodies! Sugar & Spice would love to have you at our Markets.

Here are some of the gorgeous boys products previously seen at Sugar & Spice Children's Markets.

These beautiful pics were taken by Kim Selby.
1. Pirate dolls - Miss Ruby May
2. Little boy print - Almond Tree Designs
3. Boy bunting - Retrobub
4. Boys tees - 5 Star Baby!

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Nanny. said...

Love our little boys.xx