Tuesday, April 19, 2011

All things nice

I thought it might be nice to give you the opportunity to regularly 'meet' some of our gorgeous retailers, via our new 'All things nice' blog post. Stay tuned for your chance to find out more about some of your favourite retailers and see the working-forces behind them!

First up, I would love for you to meet Jo from Grumpy Heflumpy what a gorgeous name for a kids business! Jo is a new retailer to Sugar & Spice and you will be able to meet her and her gorgeous range at the upcoming Woodend market on June 5 and our Ballarat market on July 31.

Jo and Noah (aka Grumpy Heflumpy)

Are you more sugar or spice?
I think I am a good blend of the two. On the surface I probably come across as “sugar” but it’s the “spice” that drives the business I think.

What inspired you to start your own business?
Having my own gorgeous boy I struggled to get something cute and unique for him to wear… the commercial look was just not my thing and my love all things that remind me of my travelling days and have developed a very unique taste and style.

How did you name your business?
My son was a big baby (nearly 10 Pound) so we nick named him heflumpy… and he was such a good natured baby he really only ever got a bit grumpy so the nick name stuck… He is my inspiration …my “Grumpy Heflumpy”.

What is your favourite piece from your own range?
My NEW little traveller range I love! These long sleeve tops are organic, super soft and have very subtle, fairly gender neutral designs. The fabrics are from Japan and feature designs of Paris, London and Russia. There are 3 designs per country in the range and available in sizes 00, 0 and 2. I think with this season I have found my groove and am very happy with how they have turned out.

Where else can we check you out?
We have a website: http://www.grumpyheflumpy.com.au/
And a facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Grumpy-Heflumpy/155157667839740
The 'little traveller' range

Thanks Jo, we look forward to seeing you at Sugar & Spice soon!


1000 Homes of Happiness said...

Great concept and lovely to see the face/s behind the business!

Ahhh, I heart the name 'grumpy heflumpy'....cute!

Off to check out Jo's website now.


Fabba said...

Love the name and love finding new retailers of baby clothing.

Can't wait for the market.