Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A gaggle of goodie bags!

Our goodie bags have always been a popular addition to our markets. Usually snapped up in under an hour, 100 lucky shoppers take home with them a bag full of treats, samples, valuable info and pamphlets. Who doesn't love a freebie!?!

The goodie bags for our next market (September 11 in Woodend) are being organised by a lovely new company called Got It In The Bag. They will no doubt be a hit.

If you would like to advertise your business (for just $10) to our keen shoppers be sure to contact the ladies at Got It In The Bag before August 30.
http://www.gotitinthebag.com/ or their facebook page.

P.S For those interested - our exciting announcement is still on its way. We haven't forgotten! Awaiting some lovely changes to our site, to ensure everything runs smoothly :) ahhhh the anticipation. Actually it is just one of many exciting announcements on their way.

Sherryn & Jackie

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