Tuesday, August 9, 2011

All things nice - Calico Kids

Next stop for Sugar & Spice is the lovely St Ambrose Hall in Woodend, on Sunday 11 September. Mark it in your diaries as we have changed the date to avoid clashing with Father's Day. We wouldn't do that to you Daddy's!

One of our lovely retailers booked in for that market is Calico Kids. Calico Kids is a new brand created by Mum-of-two, Rebecca. Her cute calico range is uni-sex (smile) and includes personalised library bags, aprons and shopping bags. We will hand over to Rebecca to fill you in a little bit more about Calico Kids...

Cute Calico Kids 
Are you more sugar or spice?
Oooh tough one..I’d say 75% sugar and 25% spice!

What inspired you to start your own business?
My son just loves being read to and I’ve enjoyed taking him to the library for little outings. I always found myself stuck juggling a big stack of books whilst also trying to hold onto his hand so started to look into library bags..there were a few out there in the market, but none that really inspired me, so my husband and I thought why not use our direct to garment printer to make unique and personalised library, tote and shopping bags (amongst other things).  

How did you name your business?
It really evolved naturally from the products themselves. I’ve always been a big fan of calico as its so versatile and environmentally friendly. It was a name that immediately sprang to mind when thinking about creating the business.

What is your favourite piece from your own range?
It’s really hard to choose, but I have been a bit in love with all things Owl of late, so the owls print is one I really like. I think my favourite will ultimately change as we add more and more prints over time!

Where else can we check you out? (website? facebook?)
We are online at www.calicokids.com.au and also on Facebook under Calicokids and of course we are having our debut market appearance at the upcoming Sugar and Spice market in Woodend on 11 September which I am really excited about.
Rebecca and her boys
Sherryn & Jackie x

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