Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Online Giveaway - Dots & Daisies

One giveaway ends and another one begins! Lucky you again.
This one is for the little Miss's and is a great addition to any young girl's hair accessory stash!
Dots & Daisies are regulars on the market circuit, you may have already met the lovely ladies behind the brand for yourself. Not only can you meet them face to face regularly at our markets but they are also an online boutique full of gorgeous non-slip hairclips and accessories for girls. Their products are direct from Ribbies Clippies in the USA and are new to the Australian market. The clips are covered in grosgrain ribbons and have a unique colour co-ordinated foam insert which prevents slippage (even in the finest hair). We desperately need some for Miss Spice, who has a habit of letting hair clips slip right out of her hair into the great abyss!

Dots & Daisies clips are comfortable and easy to use. No tangled hair, no slippage and stunning designs and patterns. Big girls can wear them too, we can attest that a friend of Sugar & Spice wore them as a type of brooch attached to her frock during a recent girly night out!

Up for grabs in our wonderful Dots & Daisies online giveaway is a pretty Aqua Butterfly Clippie Holder, 6 gorgeous clips (including an Ava gift set and a lovely red bow) plus a pink floral clippie purse. All you have to do to enter in visit the Dots & Daisies online boutique, browse their gorgeous range and come back to this post and leave a comment here telling us what your favourite Dots & Daisies piece is.

Postage for Dots & Daisies purchases is low and actually free for any order over $75. A lovely free gift is also included for any purchase through their online store over $30. You keep up to date through their Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/dotsanddaisies
Sherryn & Jackie x


Bekcullinan said...

I LOVE the whole range! I purchased some clips at the market, just waiting for my little miss to grow some hair so I can show them off!:)

Kerrie Henderson said...

Why Do I love them? Easy I have two little monsters, who, well lets just say are not your pink type of chicks!! Reds, blues purples, blacks and green rule our house - for this I am really greatful

Anonymous said...

My favourites are the "clippie pairs". What little girl wouldn't look super stylish with these lovely clips? Karen

Anonymous said...

My favs are the headbandsbut I also think how wonderful and clever the clippie purse is, great idea. The entire range is all very nice.
Fab Beasley

Tammy said...

The Ava diagonal clips would look very pretty in Miss Brunette's hair :) x

Liz said...

I love the Grace Dots clippie pairs! Such a gorgeous feminine design!

Kara said...

I love how you can browse by different colours! Some of my favourites are the brown and pink ones. I have twin girls and can't wait for them to come home from hospital and dress them up all pretty! The clippie purse is such a great idea!!

Vanessa said...

I really like the fabulous school range.
My daughters school are quite particular about
The girls wearing hair accessories in the uniform
Colors. Will definitely be picking some up at the next
Sugar & Spice Market!!

livvie7586 said...

I love the grace stripes. they are 'barbie' enough for my little miss without being over the top

Lori said...

I really love the cute little Clippie Purses!!

Anonymous said...

Too hard to choose just one favorite !! Well done on creating such a beautiful range of accessories. And beautiful website too:-)

nikkig said...

These guys are geniuses! I am always losing my daughters clips. Their clip holders would have to be my favourite product, as not only do they have a practical job of holding clippies, they also would look gorgeous on any little girls room. Art with function, I love!