Sunday, October 23, 2011


Dr Seuss, The Cat In The Hat
Does your heart sink when you have to put layer upon layer of clothing just to go and check the letter box? Mine does! I pine for Summer during the colder months, I adore daylight savings and swimming and going barefoot and laying on the grass in the sunshine with my two giggling monkeys!... So these past few months when we'd get days and days of rainy-rain-rain, I'd find myself becoming very grumpy indeed... and I'm sure Ms Sugar (3) and Baby Spice (1) thought they were acting out the first page of The Cat In The Hat (which we have read on many a rainy day).

But not anymore! Thanks to 1000 Homes of Happiness' Playlist, I've been reminded that it's great to get outside, no matter what the weather! With this week's play theme being RAIN and Baby Spice blissfully napping (lucky baby!), Ms Sugar spotted a rainbow from our kitchen window... We grabbed our gumboots and umbrellas, and off we went to have a better look - and found not one, but TWO rainbows! We couldn't believe our good fortune!

We hope you can see the second (fainter) rainbow between the two trees!

We then went hunting for some puddles, who knew there'd be so much happiness to be found in a little pool of rain? It's just too hard to be grumpy with so much splashing and giggling going on!

So excited to for next week's playlist, we hope you're playing along too!


1000 Homes of Happiness said...

Wowee! Look at that gorgeous rainbow. Ms Sugar...adorable as always looks like she had fun stomping around in puddles. Thanks for joining in the fun Jackie.



CottonAndCard said...

What an amazing rainbow you have captured! I love the gumboots and brolly, very cute :)

Lee said...

Gorgeous umbrella and gumboots and Miss Sugar! Beautiful rainbows captured. Yep I can see 2!

Kirsty @ Bowerbird Blue said...

What an amazing outfit for the rain, great splashes and gorgeous rainbow.